Aris and Cameron (Love After Lockup) Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Children, Job, Net worth

Aris and Cameron Biography

Aris Morton and Cameron Morton are a couple and reality TV stars who are best known for appearing in the WEtv reality show Love After Lockup.  They met through social media after Aris slipped into Cameron’s DM. Cameron is a rapper/musician. The Love After Lockup couple is currently based in Tampa, Florida.

Aris and Cameron Age | Birthday

Born in 1990, Aris is 32 years old (age as of 2022) while Cameron is 31 years old (age as of 2022), born in 1991.

Aris and Cameron Parents | Family

Aris has not publicly revealed any details about her parents; mother and father. Cameron on the other hand was born to Stephanie Morton (mother) and Charles Morton (father) in Cincinnati. Cameron’s father, Charles “Chuck” Morton passed away in October 2021. Moreover, Aris has a sister whose name we are yet to establish, and she had a brother named Eddie who passed away. Cameron has siblings; brother and sisters; Some of Cameron’s sisters are named Stephanie T Harper and EricaLynn Sewell.

Aris and Cameron
Aris and Cameron

Aris and Cameron Height

The Love After Lockup castaway, Aris stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 8 inches (approximately) while Cameron stands at 5 feet and 9 inches (approximately).

Aris and Cameron Children

The Love After Lockup star, Aris has a daughter named Anyelina, who was born on January 15, 2013. She had her daughter Anyelina in her previous relationship before she started dating her now husband Cameron Morton.

Aris and Cameron Job

Cameron is a rap music singer and social media influencer. His stage name is OG Kam. Cameron aka OG Kam has already released 4 albums (as of 2022); which are Kry 4 Help, Part 3 (2018), 800 Degreez (2019), Original Gangsta (2019), and B.A.S.S (2020). Some of Cameron’s songs include Filthy, Be Good, Top Down, Prepared, Unaffordable, Own It, and Gangsta.

On the other hand, Aris is an artist and model.

Aris and Cameron Love After Lockup

Aris and Cameron are a couple from Tampa, Florida. Cameron is a musician who first attracted Aris when she became a fan of his work and “slipped into his DMs.” Aris is eager for Cameron’s release from prison following an arrest for possession and trafficking of Marijuana, and to begin their new life together but has concerns about his rap career and large fanbase of women.

Moreover, the Love After Lockup couple got married on July 27, 2022. They were married by Jane Lankford, a Cincinnati-based Principal Consultant.

Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast

The other cast members of Love After Lockup Season 4 are:

Monique, who is an Animal Hospital Receptionist, and Derek have been together for two years but are yet to meet in person. The couple met through a Facebook pen-pal group but Monique, 34, is worried about their first meeting and how Derek will react to her after she lied about sharing his passion for fitness.

Ashley, an antique fine jewelry purveyor, and Travis are cast members of season 4 of the WETV reality series Love After Lockup. They have been together for four years but haven’t seen each other for two of those. Travis was jailed for 13 years having been convicted of armed robbery. Following Travis’s release from jail, Ashley is excited to show him her home in Florida, where she plans to employ her partner in her jewelry business.

Gabby, 29, and Chris, 33, are a couple from Union, New Jersey. They appeared in season 1 of Love During Lockup. Chris won a $100,000 settlement, from an injury during his sentence at Rikers, Gabby, who is a data entry clerk has upgraded her apartment, undergone plastic surgery, and bought herself a luxury car and engagement ring. Now that Chris is set to be released Gabby must contend with his mom and sister for his attention.

Love After Lockup Season 4 Cast

  • Justine and Michael

Justine, 36, and Michael, 36, are a couple from Johnstown, Pennsylvania and they appeared in season 2 of Love During Lockup. They now need to see if their prison marriage can survive in the real world. Justine, who is an entrepreneur and medication technician, and her three kids have moved to a bigger home in Pennsylvania to make room for Michael and his own four children. Will the families be able to blend as harmoniously as they hope?

Nathan, 31, and Skylar, 28, are a couple based in Zanesville, Ohio. They met through Skylar’s ex but while she has been in prison Nathan has started planning to ask her to marry him. Nathan is a music producer, singer-songwriter, and tree Trimmer. Skylar was jailed for 1.5 years for drug possession and obstruction of justice.

Aris and Cameron Net worth

Cameron has an estimated net worth of $150,000- $250,000. He is a rapper and reality TV star. He has released several albums including B.A.S.S (2022). You can get Cameron’s music on Spotify and Apple Music. He appears on the WETV reality series Love After Lockup.


Aris is active on Instagram under the username @stepyaprettyup while Cameron is active under the username @ogkam_bam with 4,327 followers as of December 2022.