Ben Katzman (Survivor) Bio, Age, Ethnicity and Religion, Height, Band

Ben Katzman Biography

Ben Katzman is a musician, music teacher, and reality TV star from Miami, FL. He is widely known for appearing in “Survivor 46” on CBS. Katzman leads the metal band Degreaser. He is a rock music teacher at Wynwood School of Music. Katzman has released six albums including his December 2023 release, “Transcendental Shreditation.”

Ben Katzman Age | Birthday

Katzman is 31 years old as of February 2024. He was born on March 25, 1992, so he celebrates his birthday on the 25th of March each year.

Ben Katzman Parents

Katzman was born in Miami, FL to his parents; Gil Katzman (father) and Smadar Fructman Katzman (mother). Ben’s dad, Gil Katzman is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Hilton Hotels and Resorts. On the other hand, his mom, Smadar Katzman worked as a flight attendant. Katzman has one sibling.

Ben Katzman
Ben Katzman’s Photo

Ben Katzman Ethnicity and Religion

Katzman holds an Israelite heritage when it comes to his ethical background. He is Jewish when it comes to to his religion/religious beliefs.

Ben Katzman Height

Katzman stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 11 inches (approximately).

Ben Katzman Wife

Katzman appears to be single thus he is not married and does not have a  wife. Information regarding his past relationships if any are currently under review.

Ben Katzman Education

Katzman studied at Berklee College. However, he dropped out of college at 22 to promote other acts and created an independent record label.

Ben Katzman Job

Katzman is a musician and music teacher. He is the CEO of BUFU Records. In 2014, Katzman founded a mental rock band called DeGreaser. So far. Katzman has released six albums including his latest released in December 2023 called “Transcendental Shreditation.” Additionally, he teaches rock music at Wynwood School of Music.

Ben Katzman Survivor

Katzman is a contestant in the CBS reality series “Survivor 46.” He is a music teacher and musician from Miami, Florida. Katzman describes himself as motivated, energized, and passionate.

“Survivor 46” premiered on February 28, 2024 at 8 pm on CBS. Katzman would play his game most like  Nick Wilson or Cody Assenmacher. He is on Siga tribe and he will be competing with 16 other castaways on the islands of Fiji to be the Sole Survivor and win $1 million.

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Ben Katzman Net worth

Katzman has an estimated net worth that ranges between $300K and $1 million. He is a musician and music teacher. He teaches music at Wynwood School of Music. Katzman has a band called DeGreaser. He has released six albums so far with his latest, “Transcendental Shreditation,” having been released in December 2023.


Ben Katzman’s Instagram handle is @bkdegreaser69, with over 6,500 followers as of March 2024.