Dee Valladares (Survivor) Bio, Age, Parents, Nationality and Ethnicity, Height, Backpack, and Net worth

Dee Valladares Biography

Dee Valladares is an entrepreneur and reality TV star originally from Havana, Cuba. She is widely known for appearing on “Survivor 45” on CBS. Valladares now lives in Miami, Florida. She is the founder of Wanaroam, a travel and backpacking company.

Dee Valladares Age | Birthday

Valladares was born on October 2, 1996, therefore she is 26 years old as of September 2023. She celebrates her birthday on the 2nd of October every year.

Dee Valladares Parents

Valladares was born in Havana, Cuba to her parents. Her mother is Lisset Valladares and her father is Osmaney Valladares. She has a brother named Osmel Valladares. Dee’s parents immigrated to the United States from Cuba when she and her brother were young.  Valladares draws her inspiration from her dad whom she says is her perfect example of not needing materialistic items to be happy.

Dee Valladares
Dee Valladares

Nationality and Ethnicity

When it comes to her nationality, Dee Valladares is a Cuban. She was born in Havana, Cuba and emigrated to Miami, Florida with her parents. As for her ethnicity, Valladares is a Latino.

Dee Valladares Height

Valladares stands at a height measurement 5 feet and 3 inches (approximately).

Dee Valladares Education

Valladares went to college to study a Diploma in Psychology. However, she revealed that she has not graduated because of a low grade in one of the subjects.

Dee Valladares Job, Backpack

Valladares is an entrepreneur. She is the founder and co-owner of Wanaroam, a backpack and travel company. You can order Dee’s backpack and travel gears on her Wanaroam website.

Additionally, Valladares has worked in Sales Development at Drata, a security and compliance automation company.

Dee Valladares Survivor 45

Valladares is a cast member of “Survivor 45” on CBS. She is an entrepreneur originally from Havana, Cuba. Valladares now lives in Miami, Florida.

“Survivor 45” premiered on September 27, 2023, at 8 pm on CBS. The season was  filmed in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. Survivor 45 features 18 contestants starting in three tribes, Belo, Reba, and Lulu, who will have 26 days of gameplay in the Mamanuca Islands.

Valladares describes herself as  Fiery, wildly enthusiastic, and empathetic. When asked who she identifies the most with, she said former survivor Jesse. Valladares says she would play her game most like Tony, whom she says was “alot of fun to watch and was the ultimate persuader.”

Moreover, Valladares is most proud of running and completing a full marathon, prior to signing up for “Survivor 45.” She revealed that she had only done three miles before.

Her dad is her biggest inspiration. Valladares says her dad is her “perfect example of not needing materialistic items to be happy.”

The sole survivor will walk home with a garand prize of $1 million. Watch “Survivor 45” on Wednesdays at 8 pm on CBS. Stream new episodes on Paramount+ and Hulu+

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Dee Valladares Net worth

Dee’s net worth is estimated to be around $200K-$450K. She is an entrepreneur and owner of a backpack business. Valladares has a company called Wanaroam, that provides backpacking services. Moreover, she is a contestant of “Survivor 45” on CBS.


Dee Valladares is active on Instagram. Dee’s Instagram handle is @roamwithdee, with 12.9K followers as of September 29, 2023.