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DeShawn Radden Biography and Wiki

DeShawn Radden is currently a podiatry student (class of 2023) and a tv reality star best known for the 41st season of the CBS reality competition, Survivor. He also has a Master’s degree in Biomedical Science from Midwestern University. In addition, he has an undergraduate degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology from California State University.

DeShawn Radden Age | Birthday

Born in 1995, Radden, the Survivor 41 competitor, is 26  years old as of 2021. He has not disclosed his exact date of birth thus we do not have information on when he celebrates his birthday.

DeShawn Radden Family

The Survivor 41 cast member, Radden was raised by his parents in SanBernardino, CA. The medical student revealed to CBS that his parents are his heroes. He said: “My heroes are my parents because they truly took parenting personally. They both come from challenging backgrounds and made it their duty to create a better life for my siblings and me.”

DeShawn Radden
DeShawn Radden

DeShawn Radden Height

Radden, Survivor 41 cast member stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 4 inches.

DeShawn Radden  Survivor 41

Radden is a cast member of Survivor season 41. He is a native of San Bernardino, CA, and currently (2021) a resident of Miami, Florida. The current medical student states that he would play his game like former survivors Cirie Fields and Wendle. on answering which past Survivor he would play the game most like, he answered: “Well I mean let’s be real here, my game will be unprecedented! But I see my game being most like Cirie Fields socially and
mentally, with a sprinkle of Wendell for pulling out competition wins in the clutch and jury
management. I’ll be like Cirie and Wendell’s love child!”

On why he believes he can win Survivor, Radden stated: “I believe I could be the final Survivor because of a
combination of social, mental and physical skills.  I feel like I am self-aware, which is something a lot of people lack. I am analytical enough to pick up on social cues and smart enough to critically think through obstacles that may present themselves, without becoming flustered.”

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DeShawn Radden Net worth

The Survivor 41 competitor is a medical student (class of 2023) at Barry University. His estimated net worth is under review.

DeShawn Radden Instagram

Radden is active on both Instagram and Twitter. His Instagram handle is @dr.dradd with over 3k followers as of December 2021.