Jonna Mannion The Challenge: All Stars Bio, Wiki, Family, Children, Height, Married, TV Shows, Net worth

Jonna Mannion Biography and Wikipedia

Born in Tucson, Arizona, Jonna Mannion is a television reality star known for The Challenge and The Real World: Cancun. She has a Wikipedia page dedicated to her.

Jonna Mannion Age | Birthday

Mannion is 33 years old (age in 2021). She was born on November 10, 1988. Mannion celebrates her birthday on the 10th of November every year and celebrated her 33rd birthday on November 10, 2021.

Jonna Mannion Family

Mannion was born in Tucson, Arizona. At four years old, she was placed into foster care with a very religious family. At nine years old, Mannion was adopted to another family with which she lived until she was 18 years. She has a brother.

When it comes to her ethnicity, Mannion is of mixed ethnicity. More details about her ethnicity are currently under review.

Jonna Mannion
Jonna Mannion

Jonna Mannion Height

Mannion stands at an approximate height of 5 feet and 5 inches.

Jonna Mannion Weight Gain

Mannion had noticeably gained some weight when she returned for The Challenge: All Stars. The reason behind her weight gain was attributed to “baby fat” or baby weight since it was not so long ago since she’d had a son.

Jonna Mannion  Husband | Married

Mannion has been married to her husband since 2019. She has not revealed the name of her husband, however, she posts photos of him on her Instagram page. Mannion and her husband share two lovely children; a daughter and a son.

Jonna Mannion Children

Mannion has two children; a daughter named Naleigh and a son named Cal. Mannion’s daughter Naleigh was born in 2016 while her son Cal was born in 2020. Her daughter Naleigh is 5 years old (age in 2021) while her son is a year old (age in 2021).

Jonna Mannion TV Shows | Career

Mannion started her television career when she was 13 years old.  At 13 years, she competed in Endurance, a reality competition on Discovery Kids. She won the competition with her partner Aaron Thornburg and the two earned themselves a trip to the Amazon.

Furthermore, at 20 years old, Mannion competed in another reality television show, The Real World, which was broadcast on MTV from June to September 2009.

Jonna also appeared in the third season of truTV’s Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel (2010). She was featured in the show as a cocktail waitress. She appeared only one season for the show was canceled at the end of 2010.

Moreover, Mannion has been a season regular for The Challenge, a spinoff of MTV’s The Real World. She has appeared for 5 seasons of The Challenge including Rivals, Battle of the Seasons, Rivals II, Free Agents, and Batlle of the Exes II. Her best Challenge was the Battle of the Seasons whereby she was paired with Derek Chavez and finished in fourth place.

In summary, Jonna Mannion’s TV shows include:

  • Endurance
  • The Real World
  • Rehab: Party at the Hard Rock Hotel
  • The Challenge

Johnna Mannion The Challenge

Mannion has appeared in five seasons of The Challenge namely:

  • The Challenge: Rivals,
  • Battle of the Seasons,
  • The Challenge: Rivals II,
  • The Challenge: Free Agents, 
  • Batlle of the Exes II, and
  • The Challenge: All Stars (2021)

Mannion finished in third place with KellyAnne Judd when she competed on the  Paramount+ The Challenge Spin-off, The Challenge: All Stars season 1.

Jonna Mannion The Challenge: All Stars

Mannion is a contestant of Paramount+  The Challenge: All Stars season 2. She joins 23 other cast members from previous challenges to compete for &500,000 for the winners. The winner of The Challenge is usually a pair, so they split the $500,000, each to take home $250, 000.

The Challenge: All Stars Season 2 Cast

The cast of season 2 of #TheChallenge: All Stars are:

  • Kendal Darnell
  • Katie Cooley
  • Darrell Taylor
  • Kendal Darnell
  • Derrick Kosinski
  • Laterrian Wallace
  • Nehemiah Clark
  • Melinda Collins
  • Teck Holmes
  • Katie Doyle
  • Laterrian Wallace
  • Tina Barta
  • Yes Duffy
  • Jasmine Reynaud
  • Ayanna Mackins
  • Derek Chavez
  • Brad Fiorenza
  • Casey Cooper
  • Jodi Weatherton
  • Cohutta Grindstaff
  • Janelle Casanave
  • Leah Gillingwater
  • MJ Garrett
  • Ryan Kehoe
  • Sophia Pasquis
  • Steve Meinke
  • Tyler Duckworth

Jonna Mannion Net worth

Mannion’s estimated net worth is under review. The television reality star has been appearing on television shows since she was 13 years old, enough time to have amassed a fortune for herself.

Jonna Mannion’s Instagram

Mannion’s Instagram handle is @jonnamannion, with over 62k followers as of November 2021.