Mark and Sincer-A (Love During Lockup) Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Education, Job, Net worth

Mark and Sincer-A Biography

Mark and Sincer-A Nerton are stars of WE tv’s Love During Lockup season 2. The two met through an Inmate pen pal group on Facebook. Sincer-A is an inmate, who committed robbery, burglary, and kidnapping. On the other hand, Mark is a businessman and a software engineer from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mark and Sincer-A Age | Birthday

Mark has not publicly revealed his exact age and date of birth. However, we are in the process of reviewing Mark’s age and birth date. Sincer-A Nerton is 23 years old as of 2022. She was born on January 10, 1999. She was 19 years old when she was arrested for robbery.

Mark and Sincer-A Parents | Family

Mark’s family (mother, father, and siblings) information is currently under review.

Mark and Sicer-A
Mark and Sicer-A

Mark and Sincer-A Height

Mark stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 8 inches (approximately) while Sincer-A Nerton stands at 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Mark and Sincer-A Love During Lockup

Mark and Sincer-A are cast members starring in the 2nd season of the WE tv reality series Love During Lockup, who met through an inmate pen pal group on Facebook. Mark is an entrepreneur and a software engineer from Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a self-proclaimed bachelor. On the other hand, Sincer-A is currently an inmate, who committed robbery, burglary, and kidnapping. She shot up her grandmother’s house during the robbery.

Love During Lockup season 2 premieres on October 21, 2022, at 9 pm ET on WE tv.

Love During Lockup Season 2 Cast

The other cast members of Love During Lockup season 2 are:

  • Tai & Hottie

Tai  (@1maitai)returns for season 2 of WEtv’s Love During Lockup. She works at a funeral home and her supervisor, Rinaldo, develops affection for her and advises her to go for a safe choice like him. Tai has several prison boyfriends and a man from the outside world.

Chelsea & Mike met through social media; a Facebook inmate pen pal group when Chelsea checked out the group. Chelsea is deaf, so Mike had to learn ASL to communicate with her. She believes a jail visit will give her and Michael a Chance to meet in person because they have only been able to communicate through letters and 30-second videograms.

  • Justine and Michael

Justine and Michael are one of the new couples of Love During Lockup season 2.  The two met through Michael’s mother. Michael was arrested in 2016 after selling drugs (70 bags of heroin) to an undercover police, with his rest making international headlines. Besides, Michael’s full name is Michael Persaud, but he is better known as Montana Millz, his rapper name.  Michael “Montana Millz” Persaud is known for his songs “Feds Watching” and Sell Drugz.”

Jessica met Dustin, an inmate after she took a job in corrections nursing to get over her ex following a messy divorce. After meeting Dustin, Jessica quit her job to focus on their relationship with Dustin. She is ready to start a new life with Dustin, including relocating to Tennessee to be with Dustin when he comes out of prison.

More on Love During Lockup Season 2 Cast

  • Emily and Dauri

Emily & Dauri got to know each other through a pen pal post. Emily graduated with a master’s degree in criminal justice and the last thing she anticipated was falling in love with an inmate. Emily & Dauri have been together for four years, however, they have never met in person.

  • Melissa and Louie

Melissa & Louie are former high school sweethearts.  Melissa was working as a mail courier when she found some prison letters that led her to cross paths again with Louie. As a result, the two unexpectedly met through a pen pal. Melissa is still in love with Louie and she is determined to move to Georgia to be with him.

Mark and Sincer-A Net worth

Mark has an estimated net worth of $500K-$1 million. He is an entrepreneur and a software engineer,