Micah Plath (Welcome To Plathville) Bio, Wiki, Parents, Siblings, Height, Girlfriend, Job, Net worth, Instagram

Micah Plath Biography

Born on March 10, 2001, Micah Plath is a model and television personality best known for starring in the family-based TLC reality series Welcome To Plathville. He is also a model and has worked with big brands including Calvin Klein.

Micah Plath Age | Birthday

Plath is 21 years old (age as of 2022). He was born on March 10, 2001, in Southeast Georgia. Plath celebrates his birthday on the 10th of March each year.

Micah Plath Parents

Plath is born to his parents;  Barry Plath, his father, and Kim Plath, his mother. Micah’s father is a transportation planner while his mother is a naturopathic doctor. Plath comes from a large family. He is the third born in a family of nine children. Plath has 8 siblings; six sisters and two brothers. Moreover, Plath’s parents are strict traditional Christians and conservatives.

Micah Plath
Micah Plath

Micah Plath Siblings

Plath is the third born in a family of nine children. He has eight siblings comprising two brothers and six sisters. Micah’s brothers are Ethan Plath and Isaac Plath, while his sisters are Moriah Plath, Hosanna, Lydia, Amber, Cassia, and Mercy Plath.

Micah Plath Height

Plath stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 11 inches (approximately).

Micah Plath Girlfriend

Plath has had a few relationships over the course of the TLC reality series Welcome To Plathville, which is in its 4th season as of May 2022. In 2020, Plath was dating Lexie Marie. He was also speculated to date Helena Parrish, a model with whom he had his first photoshoot.

Plath has not revealed whether he is currently dating or not, however, in season four of Welcome To Plathville, fans will get to know about his dating life.

Micha Plath Job

Plath is a television personality and reality star. He stars in the TLC reality series Welcome To Plathville. Plath is also a model. He started modeling after escaping his strict family rules. Micah’s sister-in-law, Olivia Plath connected him to a modeling agency. Plath has worked with big brands like Calvin Klein.

Additionally, Plath is a musician who plays the guitar and mandolin in addition to modeling. He traveled with his family band, presenting folk-style southern gospel music.

Micah Plath Welcome To Plathville

Plath is one of the cast members of the TLC family-based reality series Welcome To Plathville. The show follows the daily lives of Barry Plath and Kim Plath and their nine children.

The Plaths are a traditional family with severe restrictions. Children are raised in a strict setting where they are not allowed to use technology such as television, the internet, cellphones, or social media.

However, not all of the family members are willing to follow these rules as they get older, resulting in a lot of drama in the Plath Family. For example, When Ethan married Olivia Plath, She exposed him to a new way of life when they moved out. He was introduced to television and the internet.

Moreover, Micah became interested in his younger brother’s life and moved out to live with his younger sister, Moriah Plath, who had also moved out. He is not allowed to socialize with his siblings when he is alone. Micah’s parents are required to be present when he hangs out with his younger siblings.

On the other hand, Lydia Plath, Micah’s younger sister, has taken on more tasks around the house, including cooking, cleaning, and supervising her younger siblings.

Micah’s sister, Hosanna Plath does not take part in the reality show. Hosanna is married to Timothy Noble, and the couple lives in Ohio.

Micah has since moved out of his shared house with Moriah to live on his own, and he now lives in Los Angeles where he is pursuing his modeling and acting career.

Micah Plath Net worth

Plath has an estimated net worth of $100k. He is a reality TV star on the TLC series Welcome To Plathvillle. Plath is also a model.

Micah Plath Instagram

Micah is active on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @micahplath with 366K followers as of May 2022.