Sophie Sierra ( 90 Day Fiancé) Bio, Age, Parents, Grandfather, Ethnicity and Nationality, Height, Education, Job, Net worth

Sophie Sierra Biography

Sophie Sierra is a British model and reality TV star from the United Kingdom. She is popular for appearing on “90 Day Fiancé” season 10, alongside her fiancé Robert “Rob” Warne. Sierra first connected with Rob on Instagram when she followed him and he sent her a Direct Message (DM). She moved to Los Angeles on a K1 visa to move in with Rob Warne.

Sophie Sierra Age | Birthday

Sierra is 25 years old as of 2023. She was born on September 24, 1998, so she celebrates her birthday on the 24th of September every year. Sophie’s zodiac sign is Libra.

Sophie Sierra Parents

Sierra was born in the UK to her parents; mother and father. Sophie’s mother is Claire. Her father’s identity is still under review. Sierra was raised in Spain. Her mother is white while her father is black. Sierra claims that she comes from a wealthy family. She mentions that her grandfather worked very hard and that’s why her family is wealthy. However, Sierra claims that she does not know what her grandfather does to earn a living, only that he is very wealthy.

Sophie Sierra
Sophie Sierra

Sophie Sierra Ethnicity and Nationality

Sierra holds mixed ethnicity. Her dad is black, while her mom is white. She is British when it comes to her nationality.

Sophie Sierra Height

Sierra stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 10 inches (approximately).


Sophie Sierra has undergone several plastic surgeries. She has breast implants and has done work on her buttocks.

Sophie Sierra Education

Sierra revealed that she attended a private boarding school.

Sophie Sierra Job

Sierra is a fashion model and Instagram influencer. She works with different clothing lines and travels the world.

Sophie Sierra 90 Day Fiancé

Sierra is a cast member in “90 Day Fiancé” season 10 on TLC. She is a model from London. She appears on the show alongside her fiancé Robert “Rob” Warne, who is an actor and model from Olathe, Kansas, and now living in Los Angeles, CA.

Sierra and Rob Warne started talking on social media after she followed Rob on Instagram and he in return DMed her. They have known each other for four years. Sierra moved from the United Kingdom to Los Angeles, CA on a K1 Visa to be with Robert.

“90 Day Fiancé” season 10 premiered on Sunday, October 8, 2023, at 8 p.m. EDT on TLC.

90 Day Fiancé Season 10 Cast

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Robert “Rob” Warne is a 34-year-old actor and model originally from Olathe, Kansas who connected with Sophie on Instagram. He now lives in Los Angeles, CA, where Sophie joins him on a K1 Visa.

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Sophie Sierra Net worth

Sophie’s estimated net worth is around $250K-$800K. She is a model and reality TV star. Sophie claims that she comes from a wealthy family thanks to her grandfather.


Sophie Sierra’s Instagram handle is @sophiesierra98, with 133K  followers as of October 2023. Her Instagram profile includes England, Spain, and Jamaican flags.