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Travis “Habibi” (Ready To Love) Bio, Age, Parents, Religion, Height, Saxophonist, Net worth

Travis “Habibi” Biography

Travis “Habibi” is a 33-year-old saxophonist and International DJ who lives in Dallas, Texas. He is a castaway of  “Ready To Love” season 8 on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network. He goes by the nickname “Habibi”, which means “my love” in Arabic because he loves to serenade women with his saxophone. Moreover, Travis previously worked for NATO, according to his Instagram post.

Travis “Habibi”  Age and Birthday

Travis was born in 1990, making him 33 years old as of 2023. However, he has not disclosed his exact date of birth this it is unclear when he celebrates his birthday.

Travis “Habibi” Parents

There is not much information available about Travis’ parents or family background. However, he has posted some photos of his mother and siblings on Instagram.  He was born in Texas.

Travis Habibi
Travis Habibi (Courtesy : Habibi XO on Twitter)

Travis “Habibi” Religion and is he Arabian?

It is not clear whether Travis is an Arab Muslim or not. He has however worked in Arabic countries where Islam is the dominant region. Habibi is an Arabic word which means love. Moreover, Travis is an American citizen when it comes to his nationality. He is often wearing keffiyeh/ghutrah, an Arabic headdress/headscarf.

Travis “Habibi” Height

The Ready To Love castaway and  also a sax, Travis stands at  a height measurement of 6 feet 0 inches (approximately).

Travis “Habibi” Girlfriend

“Habibi” is currently single and looking for his soulmate on “Ready To Love” season 8. He has dated before, however, there no details publicly available about his past relationships.

Travis “Habibi” Job

Travis is a professional saxophonist who performs at various events and venues in Dallas and beyond. He is also a Celebrity/International DJ. He performs around the world.

Moreover, Travis worked with NATO before he became a DJ and Saxophonist according to his Instagram post. He posted a photo on his Instagram  and captioned, and in parts: “working for NATO was my demise. I made too much money and lost too many family members and romantic relationships…”

Travis “Habibi” Ready To Love

Travis joined the cast of “Ready To Love” season 8 in 2023, hoping to find his true love among the 18 attractive and successful singles in Dallas. He was introduced as a saxophonist who loves to woo women with his smooth sounds . He quickly caught the attention of several women on the show, such as Aries, Jessica, Keyra, and Leiann. However, he also faced some challenges and drama along the way, such as being accused of being a player, being eliminated by one of the women, and being involved in a love triangle. He says he is still open to finding love on the show, but he is also careful not to get hurt or hurt anyone else.

Ready To Love Season 8 Cast

The other cast members of “Ready To Love” season 8 include:

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  • Aries, 44 – Software Sales Manager, Podcaster
  • Lee, 34 – Health & Wellness Coach, Gym Owner
  • Eunik Richard, 32 – TV & Film Producer
  • Janelle, 42 – Entrepreneur
  • Jessica, 38 – Entrepreneur
  • Leiann, 49 – Realtor/Fitness Advocate
  • Sierra, 33 – Stylist
  • Taquilla, 35 – Executive Assistant
  • Brandon, 36 – Train Dispatcher
  • Chris, 39 – Construction Developer and Investor
  • Herbert, 37 – Partnership Manager
  • Jack ‘Quent,’ 34 – Personal Trainer
  • James ‘Red,’ 42 – Celebrity Tour DJ, Comedian
  • Maurier, 36 – Entrepreneur
  • Marvin, 41 – Erotic Author ‘Adonis’
  • Phil, 41 – Supply Chain Analyst

Travis “Habibi” Net Worth

Travis has an estimated net worth of $1 million-$ 5million. He is an International DJ and saxophonist. Travis also worked for NATO as he disclosed in an Instagram post, and according to it he made a lot of money. He appears on OWN TV’s Ready To Love season 8.


Travis is active on Instagram. His Instagram handle is @habibi_xo_music, with 14.1K followers as of July 6, 2023.