What is Mia Matthews Nationality, a Top 10 Contestant on American Idol?

Mia Matthews on American Idol Nationality


Mia Matthews, the 19-year-old American singer and songwriter, has graced the stage of American Idol Season 22. Her voice echoes across the nation, but where does she call home? Let’s explore Mia’s roots and unveil her nationality.


  • Full NameMia Makana Matthews
  • BirthdateDecember 7, 2004
  • HometownCentre, Alabama
  • NationalityAmerican

The Musical Journey

  • Mia’s journey began in Nashville, where she auditioned alongside her sister, Jacy. Their mother, Tara, supported them both musically (on piano) and emotionally.
  • Mia’s audition song, “No Place That Far” by Sara Evans, impressed  the judges. Despite a “no” from Lionel, Katy and Luke voted “yes”, propelling her to the next round.
Mia Matthews
Mia Matthews

Mia Matthews Father

  • Mia’s father was a heavy metal rock star who played the electric guitar.
  • Mia’s father was also a skilled carpenter with deep Hawaiian roots.
  • Her mother, on the other hand, had a different musical journey—she grew up as a childhood country singer.
  • Tragically, Mia Matthews’ father passed away when she was just three years old. Music became her therapy, a way to express her emotions and find solace.


  • Mia, along with Jacy and their mother Tara, appeared as a trio called “Worth the Wait” on the nineteenth season of “The Voice.” They landed on Blake Shelton’s team at their audition and finished in the Top 17 overall.

 FAQs about Mia Makana Matthews from American Idol:

  1. How old is Mia Matthews?

    • Mia Matthews was born on December 7, 2004, which makes her 19 years old as of April 2024.
  2. Where is Mia Matthews from?

    • Mia hails from Centre, Alabama.
  3. What song did Mia Matthews audition with on American Idol?

    • During her audition in Nashville, Mia sang “No Place That Far” by Sara Evans. Despite receiving a “no” from Lionel Richie, she secured “yes” votes from Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, advancing to the next round.
  4. What other songs has Mia performed on American Idol?

    • Mia’s performances on American Idol include:
      • “Mama’s Broken Heart” by Miranda Lambert (Hollywood Round)
      • “Daddy’s Hands” by Holly Dunn (Top 24, Hawaii Round)
      • “Wildflowers and Wild Horses” by Lainey Wilson (Top 20)
      • “Burning House” by Cam (Top 20)
      • “Those Memories of You” by Alan O’Bryant
      • “Over You” by Miranda Lambert (Top 12)
  5. Is Mia Matthews related to Jacy Matthews?

    • Yes, Mia is the sister of Jacy Matthews. Together with their mother, Tara, they formed the trio Worth the Wait on the nineteenth season of The Voice, where they landed on Blake Shelton’s team and finished in the Top 17 overall.