Anya True (The Voice) Bio, Age, Parents, Mother, Nationality and Ethnicity, Height, Songs, Battles


Anya True is a 17-year-old singer-songwriter and actress from Encinitas, California who participates in the 25th season of “The Voice.” Her dedication to music is evident in her decision to forgo a traditional high school experience for online classes, allowing her to focus on her craft.

Age and Birthday

Born in 2007, Anya True celebrated her 17th birthday, showcasing her youth and talent on the national stage. At 17 years old, Anya has already made a significant impact on The Voice Season 25, showcasing her unique voice and style.

Anya True Parents

Anya’s parents have played a pivotal role in her musical journey, providing unwavering support as she pursues her dreams. She mother is Paola Moore. Moreover, Anya’s name change from Hannah to Anya reflects her family’s Ukrainian roots.

Anya True
Anya True auditioning for The Voice Season 25 (Credit: NBC)

Nationality and Ethnicity

Anya True, an American singer with Ukrainian roots, was originally named Hannah. Born in Southern California, her name change to Anya reflects her family’s Ukrainian heritage. This blend of cultures shapes her unique identity and resonates in her music.

Anya True Height

Anya stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 3 inches (approximately).


Anya is a diligent student, achieving academic excellence with straight A’s through her online schooling, balancing it seamlessly with her music career.


Anya True  has released original music, including the songs “Hannah,” “Sneakers,” and “Anymore,” showcasing her songwriting talent.

The Voice Audition

On March 21, 2024, Anya True took “The Voice” stage by storm with her blind audition, performing Stephen Sanchez’s “Until I Found You” and securing two chair turns from coaches Dan + Shay and Chance The Rapper. Anya chose to be on Team Dan + Shay.

The Voice Battles

Anya True, the rising star from  Encinitas, CA, delivered a stunning performance during the Battles round of The Voice Season 25. At just 17, Anya showcased her remarkable talent and growth on the show, captivating audiences with her rendition of John Mayer’s hit “Half of My Heart.” Her dynamic duel against AJ Harvey not only highlighted her vocal prowess but also her ability to connect with the song’s emotional depth. Coaches Dan + Shay praised her evolution from the blind auditions, ultimately crowning her the winner of the battle.

The Voice Season 25 Contestants

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Anya True’s Instagram handle is @anyatruemoore, with 15.6K followers as of March 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Anya True:

  • How old is Anya True?

    • Anya is 17 years old, showcasing her musical talents on The Voice Season 25.
  • Who are Anya True’s parents?

    • The specific details about Anya True’s parents are not publicly disclosed. However, it is known through her Instagram post, that she has a connection to Ukrainian culture through her name.
  • What is Anya True’s ethnicity?

    • Anya is American by nationality, born in Southern California. Her ethnicity includes Ukrainian roots, as indicated by her name, Anya, which is the Ukrainian version of Hannah.