Heather Smith (N*ked and Afraid), who is she? Bio, Age, Family, Net worth


Heather Smith, a passionate outdoors enthusiast, has made waves in the world of fishing and adventure. As a fishing guide, consultant, and reality TV star, she has carved out a niche for herself in the rugged wilderness. Let’s dive into Heather’s fascinating journey, from her early life to her thrilling exploits on “Naked and Afraid” and  “Naked and Afraid XL.”

Heather Smith Bio and Early Life

Heather Smith hails from East Texas, where the lush forests and pristine lakes shaped her love for the outdoors. Born and raised in the heart of nature, Heather developed a keen interest in fishing and survival skills from an early age. Her upbringing instilled in her a deep respect for the environment and a desire to explore its hidden corners.

Heather Smith Age | Birthday

Heather Smith, born on March 26, 1977, is currently 47 years old as of May 2024. She celebrates her birthday annually on the 26th of March.

Heather Smith Family

The daughter of a tugboat captain, Smith was born in Raceland, Louisiana, raised in Houston, and attended college at the University of Texas in Austin.

Heather Smith on N*ked and Afraid
Heather Smith on N*ked and Afraid

In 2017-2018, she lost her grandparents and her mom. Her mom used to own H&R Block in Jasper.

Heather is a single mother with three children and a granddaughter. Despite life’s challenges, she remains fiercely independent and determined. Her family’s support has been crucial throughout her journey, and she often credits them for her strength and resilience.

Career as a Fishing Guide and Consultant

Heather Smith’s passion for fishing led her to become a fishing guide. She established her business, Heather Smith Outdoors, in the Lake Sam Rayburn area. As a guide, she shares her expertise with fellow anglers, helping them navigate the waters and reel in impressive catches. Her knowledge of local fishing spots, techniques, and gear has made her a trusted resource for both beginners and seasoned anglers.

Beyond guiding, Heather also works as a fishing consultant. Her insights into fishing strategies, equipment selection, and sustainable practices have earned her a reputation as an authority in the field. Anglers seek her advice to enhance their fishing experiences and improve their chances of success.

Naked and Afraid Adventure

In 2023, Heather Smith took her love for adventure to new heights by participating in the reality show “Naked and Afraid.” The premise of the show is simple yet grueling: two strangers are dropped into a remote wilderness, completely naked, and must survive for 21 days. Heather’s episode aired on the Discovery Channel, captivating viewers with her resilience and determination.

For her challenge, Heather traveled to South Africa. Stripped of modern comforts, she faced harsh conditions, hunger, and the constant struggle for survival. Her resourcefulness, survival skills, and unwavering spirit impressed both viewers and fellow contestants. Heather’s episode showcased her ability to adapt, find food, and build shelter—all while enduring extreme conditions.

Naked and Afraid XL Season 10

Heather Smith is a cast member in Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid XL season 10.

The tenth season of Naked and Afraid XL is set to premiere on the Discovery Channel on Sunday, May 12, 2024. In this thrilling season, twelve brave survivalists will face an unprecedented challenge: surviving 40 grueling days in the punishing Colombian badlands without food, water, or clothing. Not only will they battle blood-sucking mosquitos, ants, ticks, disease-carrying parasites, stalking jaguars, and a territorial six-foot caiman, but they must also trek 40 miles across six unique terrains to reach the end of the challenge.

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Heather Smith TV Appearances

 Smith has appeared on “Texas Outdoors Lifestyles” on NBC, “Texas Parks and Wildlife” on PBS, “Heather Smith Outdoors” on the Hunt Channel, and Sport Fishing Championship tournaments on CBS. She also has been featured in Florida Fishermen Magazine, Bay Area Houston Magazine, and Texas Monthly.

Heather Smith Net Worth

Heather’s appearances on “Naked and Afraid,” “Naked and Afraid XL” and her successful fishing business have contributed to her net worth. Smith has an estimated net worth of $200K-$500K.

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