Michelle “Shell” Armogida (Naked and Afraid) Bio, Age, Net worth

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Biography

Michelle “Shell” Armogida is a farmer, survivalist, space professional,  U.S. Air Force veteran, and reality TV star from Mims, FL. She is widely recognized for appearing in the Discovery Channel’s reality series “Naked and Afraid” season 17. She boasts of Hispanic heritage with Puerto Rican ancestry.

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Age | Birthday

Armogida has not publicly disclosed her age and date of birth. However, based on our estimation, she is at least 35 years old as of February 2024.

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Parents

On February 13, 2024, Armogida updated her Facebook and Instagram page that it was her mom’s last day of chemo. Michelle’s mother has been battling cancer and “she has been such a warrior and fighter; and she fared so well,” according to Michelle’s post. Armogida’s mom is named Gladys. Her dad’s identity is currently under review.

Michelle Shell Armogida
Michelle Shell Armogida

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Ethnicity

Armogida is Hispanic when it comes to her ethnicity. She carries Puerto Rican ancestry. On a September 15, 2023, Facebook post, Armogida wrote: ” Happy Hispanic Heritage Month! Today is the first day & I’m sporting my Jibara shirt in honor of my mountain dwelling Puerto Rican farmer ancestors! Still living that lifestyle, unfortunately there are no mountains in Florida.”

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Height

Armogida stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 7 inches (approximately).

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Husband

Armogida is married to her husband, Craig Armogida, who is a U.S. Air Force Veteran. Currently, Michelle’s husband works as a Project Engineer at The Boeing Company, as per his LinkedIn profile. Craig Armogida received a Bachelor of Applied Science degree from Colorado Christian University and a Master of Business Administration from Colorado Technical University. In May 2023, Shell and Craig celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary. Moreover, Michelle’s Instagram bio states that she is a bonus mom. It’s unclear how many children Armogida has, if at all she is a mother.


Michelle Armogida attended Washington State University where she attained a Bachelor’s degree in Humanities. She also has a real estate broker license from Broker Associates License.

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Job

Armogida is a farmer, space professional, and U.S. military veteran from Mims, Fla. She is a farmer at Farm & Forage FL where they offer various services, including individual consultations for those interested in small-scale sustainable farming, as well as classes on topics like general poultry processing and Florida gardening.

Armogida’s professional journey extends beyond farming. She has worked as a project manager at Boeing, contributing to the aerospace industry. Furthermore, she has experience in U.S. Air Force Space Operations, adding to her expertise in space-related endeavors.

Beyond her professional roles, Armogida embraces adventure. She is an endurance athlete, pushing her physical limits. As a survivalist, she likely thrives in challenging environments. Armogida has also made her mark as a reality TV star, participating as a castaway in “Naked and Afraid” season 17.

Michelle “Shell” Armogida Naked and Afraid

Armogida is a cast member in the Discovery Channel’s reality series “Naked and Afraid” season 17. She is a farmer from Mims, Fla.

“Naked and Afraid” season 17 premieres on February 18, 2024, at 8 pm on Discovery Channel. Armogida and Cole Wilks are fighting to survive 21 days in South Africa in the “Naked and Afraid” season premiere.

Naked and Afraid Season 17 Cast

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Michelle “Shell” Armogida Net worth

Armogida has an estimated net worth that ranges between $500K and $1 million. She has accumulated her income working as a farmer, and space professional, and also working in the U.S Air Force in space operations. Beyond, farming and space operations, Armogida is also a survivalist and reality TV star. She appears on Discovery Channel’s reality survival series “Naked and Afraid.”


Michelle “Shell” Armogida’s Instagram handle is @shell_sonrisa, with 238 followers as of February 17, 2024. Armogida states in her Instagram bio that she is a Forager & Survivalist, Endurance Athlete, and AF Vet.