Who is Alexis on OWN’s The Never Ever Mets?

Alexis Biography

Alexis is a single mom and former military originally from Brooklyn, NY. She is also a reality TV star who is best known for OWN’s “The Never Ever Mets.” Alexis appears alongside Dominique Ridley, whom she has been dating for six months, but the two have never met. She DM’d Dominique after he went viral on a podcast segment.

Alexis Age

Alexis, “The Never Ever Mets” castaway, is 30 years old as of April 2024.

Alexis and Dominique from The Never Ever Mets
Alexis and Dominique from The Never Ever Mets

The Never Ever Mets

“The Never Ever Mets” is a captivating reality TV series airing on OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network). The show brings together seven couples who have been virtually dating for some time, but there’s a twist—they’ve never met each other in person. Now, they’re taking the leap from virtual connections to face-to-face interactions, living together to see if their love can survive in real life.

Here’s a glimpse of the cast members and their intriguing stories:

  1. Shay & Josh:
    • Shay (Florida) and Josh (Tennessee) have been dating for 12 years. Their relationship has faced complications, especially due to Shay’s trust issues.
  2. JoAnna & Aaron J.:
    • JoAnna (Illinois) and Aaron J. (Georgia) have been together for nine months. Their budding romance is put to the test as they meet in person.
  3. Dymond & Aaron H.:
    • Dymond (Florida) and Aaron H. (California) share a five-year dating history. Their chemistry will be tested as they bridge the gap between screens and reality.
  4. Alexis & Dominique:
      • Alexis (Texas) and Dominique (Illinois) have been dating for six months. Their connection, nurtured online, now faces the ultimate challenge.
  5. Sienna & Brandan:
    • Sienna (New York) and Brandan (Florida) have been together for 10 months. Their love story unfolds as they finally meet offline.
  6. Sandia & Chris:
    • Sandia (Florida) and Chris (Florida) have been dating for three months. Their whirlwind romance takes center stage as they move from screens to shared spaces.
  7. Millie & Gregg:
    • Millie (California) and Gregg (California) have been together for three years. Their long-standing relationship is put to the ultimate test as they navigate real-life challenges.

“The Never Ever Mets” explores the complexities of love, trust, and connection in the digital age.