How tall is KAYKO American Idol?

How Tall Is KAYKO from American Idol?


KAYKO, the talented contestant from American Idol Season 22, has captured hearts with his soulful voice and heartfelt performances. But beyond the music, fans are curious about the man behind the microphone. In this article, we look into KAYKO’s background, his journey on the show, and, of course, the burning question: How tall is KAYKO?


  • Samuel Kelly-Cohen, aka KAYKO, calls Nashville, Tennessee home. His music defies genres, blending alternative pop with vulnerability.
  • KAYKO’s journey began in a band called You Best Friend’s Favorite, where his signature blue hair turned heads. Later, he embarked on a solo career, driven by authenticity and personal growth.
  • In 2019, KAYKO lost his mother. Music became his refuge, and his songs resonate with anyone who’s faced heartache.

American Idol Audition and Beyond

  • KAYKO’s Nashville audition alongside friend Abby Blake wowed the judges. His original song, “TIME OF YOUR LIFE,” earned a unanimous “yes.”
  • At Hollywood Arena, he delivered another original, “WHAT IF?”, showcasing his versatility.
  • KAYKO’s Top 24 performance featured “HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU,” dedicated to his late mother.
  • In the Top 20, he impressed with “OVER YOU,” securing his spot in the Top 14.
  • His Radiohead cover of “High and Dry” in the Top 14 solidified his place in the competition.
KAYKO from American Idol season 22
KAYKO from American Idol season 22

The Height Mystery

  • Now, the burning question: How tall is KAYKO?
  • KAYKO’s height remains a topic of intrigue. While specific details aren’t widely available, we can estimate based on visual cues.
  • Standing confidently, KAYKO appears to be around 5 feet 11 inches (1.8 meters) tall.


  • KAYKO initially accompanied Abby Blake to her audition but ended up auditioning himself.
  • His Hawaii original, “HOW TO LIVE WITHOUT YOU,” was dedicated to his mom.