Who Are Shonta and True on Love During Lockup?

 Shonta and True Biography

Shonta and True are an engaged couple starring in WE tv’s “Love During Lockup” season 4, who are from Kansas City, MO. Although never having met in person, Shonta moved her family to another state to be with True and even said yes to his engagement proposal. Shonta has spent over $30,000 on True and taken on two mortgages to make this relationship work with a man she’s never attempted to visit in two years of being together.

Shonta and True Height

True, the Love During Lockup season 4 castaway stands at a height measurement of 6 feet and 2 inches (approximately). On the other hand, Shonta stands at approximately 5 feet and 5 inches tall.

Shonta and True on Love During Lockup
Shonta and True from Love During Lockup season 4

Love During Lockup Season 4 Cast

The other cast members of “Love During Lockup” season 4, according to AMC Networks are:

Tennie is a mother of two from Yukon, OK. Her husband, Rob has been in prison for 16 years. “Unlike most inmates, Rob has access to a phone which allows him to watch his family through cameras that are set up in the house,” the WE tv press release reveals.

Joey and Michael  are franchise’s first gay male couple to feature Love During Lockup Season 4. Joey is 48 years old and he lives in Boise, Idaho. With his parents. Joey’s boyfriend Michael is out of the closet but currently in prison serving time for drugs.

  • Ayonna & Jamahl (Lancaster, PA)

Mother by day and exotic dancer by night, Ayonna and her beau, Jamahl, have been friends for years, but Jamahl was always off limits because of his relationship with her best friend. However, once they broke up, Jamahl was fair game. After a brief fling, Jamahl got convicted and went to prison. Jamahl and Ayonna decide to continue their relationship while he serves out his sentence. Unbeknownst to Ayonna, Jamahl has been keeping a secret that his family let spill. Will that be the beginning of the end?

  • Andrew & Candice (Greenwich, NJ)

Andrew is a hopeless romantic who gives his all in a relationship. When he met Candice through a prison pen pal site, he knew she was something special. Andrew will do whatever it takes to give Candice her happily ever after. He is paying for an apartment and bought her a truck he drove across the country to pop the question upon her release. Will she take the plunge with Andrew?

  • Rick & Samantha (Gilbert, AZ)

Rick was not seeking out his third wife, but the universe had a different plan when he and his high school girlfriend, Samantha, reconnected. However, Samantha is incarcerated. Rick proposed to Samantha during a prison visit and now the two are talking about marriage.