Kyle Hennington (Naked and Afraid) Bio, Age, Height, Job, Eye

Kyle Hennington Biography

Kyle Hennington is a seasoned survivalist and reality TV star from Pinon, Arizona. He is widely known for his appearance on Naked and Afraid Season 17, broadcasted on the Discovery Channel. Beyond his wilderness survival skills, Hennington wears multiple hats: he is a Freelance Graphic Designer and a talented Artist.

Kyle Hennington Age | Birthday

Born on October 25, Hennington embodies resilience and adaptability. His journey through challenging terrains reflects the spirit of adventure that defines his character.

Kyle Hennington Height

Hennington stands at a height measurement  5 feet and 11 inches (approximately).

Kyle Hennington from Naked and Afraid
Kyle Hennington on Naked and Afraid Season 17

Kyle Hennington Wife and Children

Despite his public persona, Hennington remains intensely private about his personal life. However, a cryptic Instagram post hints at his marital status. He credits his tattoo to his wife, but beyond this glimpse, he keeps the details of his family life under wraps.

Kyle Hennington Education

Hennington’s pursuit of knowledge extends beyond survival skills. Currently, he is immersed in an Anatomy and Physiology course, demonstrating his commitment to continuous learning. His LinkedIn profile also revealed that he graduated from Arkansas University.

Kyle Hennington Job

  1. Survivalist: Armed with archery expertise, Hennington thrives in the wild. His ability to adapt to harsh conditions and resourcefully navigate nature’s challenges sets him apart.
  2. Freelance Graphic Designer: Hennington’s creative flair extends beyond survival scenarios. His design skills find expression in various projects, showcasing his versatility.
  3. Artist: As an artist, Hennington channels his creativity into visual expressions. His work resonates with the raw beauty of the natural world.
  4. Naked and Afraid: Hennington’s most prominent role is as a cast member on Naked and Afraid Season 17. His survival instincts and graphic design background converge in this gripping reality show.

Kyle Hennington Naked and Afraid

Hennington is a cast member of Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid season 17. He is a survivalist as well as a graphic designer from  Arizona.

The premiere of “Naked and Afraid” season 17 took place on February 18, 2024, airing at 8 pm on the Discovery Channel. Episodes are also available on HBO Max. Hennington, alongside fellow participant Miranda Adams, faces the daunting task of surviving for 21 days in the wild Colombian wilderness.

What Happened To Kyle Hennington’s Eye on Naked and Afraid?

During his time on “Naked and Afraid” season 17, Kyle Hennington faced a significant eye injury. Unfortunately, the exact details of the injury are not readily available in the provided information. However, it underscores the intense challenges and risks that survivalists encounter while navigating harsh wilderness conditions.

Naked and Afraid Season 17 Cast

The other cast members of “Naked and Afraid” season 17 on Discovery Channel are:

Kyle Hennington Net worth

Hennington has an estimated net worth of $250K-$1 million. He is a survivalist and a freelance graphic designer and artist. Hennington is also a reality TV star and he appears on “Naked and Afraid” season 17 on Discovery Channel.


Kyle Hennington’s Instagram handle is @kyle_of_the_wild_naa, with over 1,500 followers as of April 2024.