How Tall is Tae Lewis The Voice?

How Tall is Tae Lewis From The Voice ?


Tae Lewis, the Nashville sensation, has been a standout contestant on The Voice Season 25. His journey on the show has been marked by soulful performances that resonate with his deep country roots. But one question that fans keep asking is, “How tall is Tae Lewis?”

Meet Tae Lewis

Tae Lewis, also known as Travontae Lewis, hails from Goldsboro, North Carolina. He is a seasoned singer-songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. His journey on The Voice Season 25 has been remarkable, capturing the hearts of viewers with his soulful performances and deep country roots. Tae’s passion for music began in church, where gospel melodies sparked his interest. At the young age of 13, he fell in love with country music, and that connection has shaped his path ever since.

The Struggle and Triumph:

Tae Lewis is no stranger to struggle. Despite his gospel upbringing, he decided to follow his country dreams. He ventured to various cities, facing constant rejection for gigs. People were often surprised by a Black country artist, but Tae persisted. At one point, he experienced homelessness, living out of his car for six months. However, his fortunes turned when he connected with the Black Opry, where he started making a name for himself. His recognition grew, and he appeared on CMT and secured a placement on the show “Shameless”. Tae’s love for vintage country fashion also led him to success as a shoe stylist, selling hundreds of cowboy boots and expanding his collection.

Tae Lewis The Voice Audition:

For his audition on The Voice Blind auditions, Tae performed “Somebody Like You” by Keith Urban. He received a two-chair turn from John Legend and Reba McEntire. McEntire’s humorous offer of chicken tenders (a season 25 tradition) and assistance with vocals and staging sealed the deal. Lewis chose Reba as his coach, appreciating her authenticity and nurturing approach.

How Tall is Tae Lewis?

Tae stands at a height measurement of  5 feet and 7 inches (approximately). Lewis may not be the tallest contestant on The Voice, but his stature is no measure of his immense talent.

Tae Lewis on The Voice season 25
Tae Lewis on The Voice season 25

Tae Lewis Age

As of 2024, Tae Lewis is 31 years old and continues to make waves with his talent and passion for country music. His journey is a testament to resilience, authenticity, and the power of following one’s dreams.

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