Cate Gartner: Rising Singer-Songwriter | American Idol Season 22

Cate Gartner Biography

Cate Marie Gartner, hailing from Aledo, Texas is a country singer-songwriter and a member of the Texas Country Music Association. She is a contestant in “American Idol” season 22 on ABC. Gartner is a teen mom, as she got pregnant when she was just joining junior high school. In  June 2023, she released her debut album titled “Fairytale Endings.” Gartner’s song, “The Place That I Call Home,” beautifully narrates her experience of becoming a teenage mother.

Cate Gartner Age | Birthday

Born in 2005, Gartner is currently 18 years old (age as of March 2024). She an Aledo, TX native.

Cate Gartner’s Parents: A Closer Look

Cate Gartner, the talented singer-songwriter from Aledo, Texas, has a strong foundation rooted in her family. Let’s explore the details about her parents:

  • Casey Gartner (Father):
    • Casey Gartner, co-owner, and coach at CrossFit Aledo, originally hails from Fort Worth, TX. He now resides in Aledo, Texas.
    • His educational journey includes studying Economics at Texas Christian University and attending Arlington Heights High School, as indicated on his Facebook profile.
  • Karen Gartner (Mother):
    • Karen Gartner, also from Fort Worth, TX, studied at TCU (Texas Christian University), according to her Facebook profile.

Cate’s parents have been her unwavering support system throughout her musical journey. Additionally, she has two younger sisters who share in her family’s encouragement and love.

Cate Gartner
Cate Gartner

Cate Gartner Height

Gartner stands at a height measurement of 5 feet and 7 inches (approximately).

Cate Gartner Son

Gartner is a teen mom and has a son named Cooper. Gartner learned about her pregnancy with her son when she was two weeks in junior high school. We shall update you on who Gartner’s son’s father/dad is.

Cate Gartner’s Educational Journey

Cate Gartner, a native of Aledo, Texas, embarked on her educational path with determination. Gartner attended Aledo High School, where she laid the groundwork for her future endeavors. It was during the second week of junior high school that Cate received life-changing news, that she was pregnant. Despite this unexpected twist, her resilience remained unwavering.

Despite the pregnancy and being a teen mom, Cate also spent time at the Aledo Learning Center, where she continued her studies. Here, she showcased her athletic prowess by playing basketball.

Cate Gartner Music

Cate’s debut album, “Fairytale Endings,” released in June of 2023, showcases her songwriting prowess. The album features seven captivating tracks, each reflecting her unique perspective. One standout song, “The Place That I Call Home,” beautifully narrates her experience of becoming a teenage mother. Drew Hill, her co-writer and guitar teacher, played a pivotal role in shaping this touching composition.

Cate’s social media presence, particularly on TikTok, has garnered significant attention. With over 14,000 followers and more than 300,000 likes, she shares heartfelt covers of hits by former “American Idol” standouts like Carrie Underwood and Gabby Barrett. Her rendition of Taylor Swift’s “Mary’s Song” during her grandparents’ 50th-anniversary dance remains a fan favorite.

Cate Gartner American Idol

Cate’s journey took an exciting turn when she auditioned for “American Idol” Season 22. Her raw talent and emotional depth resonated with the judges. As she vies for the coveted title, fans eagerly await her performances. Gartner’s audition performance is set to air on March 24, 2024, during the last episode of the season’s auditions.

“American Idol” season 22 premiered on February 18, 2024, at 8 pm on ABC. The judges of the 22nd season of American Idol are Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan, with Ryan Seacrest as the host.

Stay tuned on ABC on Sunday, March 24, 2024, from 8 pm to catch Gartner’s audition performance.

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Cate Gartner Net worth

Gartner is a rising country singer from Aledo, Texas, In June 2023, she released her debut album titled “Fairytale Endings.” Her songs are available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Through her music, Gartner has made something for herself. Her estimated net worth is around $100K-$300k.


Cate Gartner is active on social media including on Instagram. Her Instagram handle is @categartnermusic, with over 1000 followers as of March 2024.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Cate Gartner

1. Age

How old is Cate Gartner?

  • Cate Gartner is 18 years old, making her a young and promising artist.

2. Parents

Who are Cate Gartner’s parents?

  • Cate’s parents are:
    • Casey Gartner (Father):
      • Co-owner and coach at CrossFit Aledo, originally from Fort Worth, TX.
      • Studied Economics at Texas Christian University and attended Arlington Heights High School.
    • Karen Gartner (Mother):
      • Also from Fort Worth, TX, studied at TCU (Texas Christian University).

3. Height

How tall is Cate Gartner?

  • Cate stands at approximately 5 feet and 7 inches. Her towering talent on the stage speaks volumes.

4. Son

Does Cate Gartner have a son?

  • Yes, Cate is a teen mom. Her son’s name is Cooper, and he is between 2 and 3 years old.