Svea and Joseph (Prison Brides) Bio, Age, Parents, Height, Net worth

Svea and Joseph Biography

Svea and Joseph are a couple and reality TV stars who appear on Lifetime’s reality show “Prison Brides.” Svea’s a midwife from Dusseldorf, Germany, while Joseph is an incarcerated American from Michigan. The show follows seven women from around the world who believe they have found their soulmates in the most unexpected of places: American prisons.

Svea and Joseph Age | Birthday

Born in 1994, Svea is 29 years old as of 2023 while Joseph is 30 years old as of 2023.

Svea and Joseph Parents

Svea’s parents are Dorothea (mother) and her father. She was born in Dusseldorf, Germany. On the other hand, Joseph was adopted by his grandparents, and his grandmother is named Jerry.

Svea and Joseph
Svea and Joseph

Svea and Joseph Height

Svea’s height measurement is 5 feet and 7 inches approximately while Joseph stands at around 5 feet and 9 inches tall.

Svea and Joseph Prison Brides

Svea and Joseph are cast members of “Prison Brides” on Lifetime. Svea’s a midwife from Dusseldorf, Germany.

“Prison Brides” premiered on January 10, 2023, at 9:30 pm on Lifetime. The series follows seven women from around the world who believe they have found their soulmates in the most unexpected of places: American prisons.

Svea and Joseph began their relationship as pen pals when they wrote to each other. With time, their connection grew to more than just pen pals when they both developed feelings for each other. After six months of writing to each other, they had their first video call.

Svea has traveled to the USA for the first time to meet Joseph upon his release on parole. Svea’s mother, Dorothea, is not comfortable with her daughter meeting Joseph. Upon her arrival in the USA, Svea is set to stay at Joseph’s cousin Kent’s basement.

Prison Brides Cast

The other cast members of “Prison Brides” on Lifetime are:

  • Erin and Michael

Erin is a single mother, and she is from Australia. She will be seen moving to Ohio to meet her partner, Michael. He is not only in prison but has also spent most of his adult life in jail. However, he will be released soon, which is when he will get a chance to meet Erin as they both decide to start a new life.

  • Jessica and Craig

Jessica and Craig are already married. Jessica, who is from Australia, is a true prison bride. Her partner, Craig, is in prison and will be released soon.

  • Emma and Curtis

Emma is eager to meet Curtis, who is in prison for carjacking. She also plans to marry him, as she is set to move from the UK to the US.

  • Olivia and KJ

Olivia is from the UK and is a dance teacher by profession. She got engaged to KJ, who is an inmate in US prison. They both got engaged just three days after they met online.

  • Andrea and Cage

Andrea was born in Romania, and she was raised in Spain. Currently, she is a student at a university in London. Andrea has expressed her plans to marry Cage, who is in prison right now. He has spent only 10 years in prison for his 50-year sentence in Texas for aggravated burglary.

  • Gabby and Jamal

Gabby is from Germany, and she is a former model. She fell in love with Jamal, who is a convicted murderer.

Svea and Joseph Net worth

Svea’s net worth is estimated at $ 100K. She works as a midwife in Germany.  A midwife in Germany earns an average annual salary of between $62K and $110, 356.