Girl Named Tom (The Voice) Bio, Members, Ages, Family, Hometown, Net worth

Girl Named Tom Biography

Girl Named Tom is a  sibling trio musical group/band originally from Pettisville, Ohio. Its members are Caleb Liechty, Joshua Liechty, and Bekah Liechty who are best known for  NBC’s reality show, The Voice season 21. They became the first trio ever to win The Voice after they were named the winners of Season 21.

The sibling trio was initially homeschooled, and music became a big part of their curriculum. They enrolled in piano lessons at a young age and joined theater once they started attending public school. Despite their artistic upbringing, they all planned to become doctors, but things changed when their father was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017. When Bekah finished high school and the boys finished college, their father’s prognosis was still unknown, so they decided to spend more time as a family and formed their trio in 2019 (Source: NBC).

Girl Named Tom Name Origin

In an interview with WTO 11, Caleb revealed that his younger brother Joshua called her sister “Thomas” when she was an infant. He said: “This name came from a childhood nickname that Josh gave to Bekah when she was a baby. We didn’t know if he wanted a brother, or what, but he called her ‘Thomas’ when she was a real small infant girl.”

It is from that name that they decided to call their band Girl Named Tom. The band hails from South Bend, Indiana.

Girl Named Tom Members

The band consists of three members; two brothers and a sister. The brothers are Caleb Liechty, 26,  and Joshua Liechty, 24, and their sister Bekah Grace Leichty, 20. Caleb and Joshua graduated from Goshen College while their sister Bekah Grace is a high school graduate. The band hails from South Bend, Indiana.

Girl Named Tom
Girl Named Tom

Girl Named Tom Ages and Birthday

Born in Pettisville, Ohio, the Ages of the band members are aged 26, 24, and 20 years old as of 2021.

  • Caleb Liechty is 26 years old (age in 2021), born in 1995
  • Joshua Liechty is 24 years old (age in 2021), born in 1997
  • Bekah Liechty is 20 years old (age in 2021), born in 2001


Girl Named Tom Family | Parents

Caleb, Joshua, and Bekah of Girl Named Tom band were born in their hometown in Pettisville, Ohio, to Mr. and Mrs. Liechty. They were initially homeschooled and later joined a public high school. Their father, Mr. Liechty was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017 which prompted the duo to spend more time as a family and led them to form the music band trio in 2019.

Girl Named Tom The Voice | Songs

The sibling trio is a contestant of the 21st season of NBC’s singing competition show, The Voice. The judges of the season are Kely Clarkson, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Blake Shelton. During the blind auditions, the group sang Helplessly Hoping by Crosby, Stills & Nash. Their impressive performance earned them a four-chair turn from the judges. Kelly turned first, followed by John Legend then Blake and Ariana. The group chose #TeamKelly.

The band was formed in 2019 and has performed in over 67 shows across the United States. Moreover, the band had over 172,000 streams on Spotify in 85 countries, with over 77,000 audience members in 2020. Girl Named Tom is grateful for the chance to bring joy to their family and hopes to make their hometown proud on The Voice.

Season 21 of The Voice premiered n September 20, 2021.

Girl Named Tom The Voice Battle Rounds

The sibling trio were the winners of the battle round when they faced off the stage against Kinsey Rose. The trio and solo artist, Kinsey performed Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles. Coach Kelly ultimately the sibling trio as the winner, booking a palace in The Voice Knockouts.

Girl Named Tom The Voice Knockouts

The band performed Wichita Lineman by Glen Campell during the knockouts. They competed against Holly Forbes who performed the Carpenters’ Superstar. With both contestants giving impressive performances, Coach Kelly could only choose one winner. She chose the band Girl Named Tom as the winner. However, Coaches Legend and Ariana used their steal on Holly Forbes. Forbes then chose #TeamAriana going to the live playoffs.

Girl Named Tom Top 13 Dedications

After progressing to the Top 13 by public votes, the sibling trio is in the Top 13 where the remaining contestants each perform a dedication song to a person(s) of their choice. The band performed a rendition of Dust in the Wind by Kansas which they dedicated to their father who is terminally ill. The trio’s father was diagnosed with a rare cancer in 2017. Besides, to advance to the Top 11, the group will need public votes or an instant save in a scenario that they will be among the bottom 3 with the least votes.

The Voice Season 21 Top 11

The sibling trio band is in The Voice season 21 Top 11. Other contestants who have made it to the Top 11 of The Voice season 21 are; Paris Winningham, Wendy Moten, Holly Forbes, Joshua Vacanti, Jershika Maple, Lana Scott, Hailey Mia, Jeremy Rosado, Jim and Sasha Allen, and Gymani.

Girl Named Tom The Voice Top 10 Fan Week

The sibling trio band is in the Top 10 of The Voice season 21. The group sang More Hearts Than Mine by Ingrid Andress, a country singer. The siblings advanced to the Top 10 via public votes. Moreover, their cover of Dust in the Wind by Kansas continues to be in the Top 10 on iTunes Songs Chart.

Girl Named Tom Winners of The Voice season 21

The sibling trio was named the winners of The Voice season 21. They are the first-ever trio to win The Voice.  Wendy Moten was the Runner-up, with Paris Winningham finishing third. Hailey Mia finished in fourth place while Jershika Maple finished in fifth place.

To Vote The Voice Season 21

When The Voice reaches the Live Playoffs, viewers are expected to vote for their favorite contestant to keep them in the show as they compete for the Top spot.

According to the #TheVoice official Twitter page, there are two ways to vote.

  • “The Voice” official app — The app is available in the App Store and Google Play.
  • — To vote through the official website, fans must create an NBC account.

Each method allows up to 10 votes.

According to, the voting window opens Monday, Nov. 8, at 6 p.m. MT. Voting remains open through Nov. 9 at 5 a.m. MT.

The Voice Season 21 Top 13 Contestants

The other contestants who made it to the Top 13 of The Voice season 21 are:

Girl Named Tom Instagram

The musical group has an Instagram account under the username @girlnamedtom. The account has over 27k followers as of 2021. Their appearance in The Voice season 21 has seen growth in followers on their social platforms.

Girl Named Tom Net worth

The sibling trio band has released an album in 2021 and has been doing shows and touring parts of the country. Their estimated net worth is under review.